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Happy Birthday, Beloved

Just a reminder to everyone who reads and is not in the know; The Fabulous Diva dsjones </span></span> is celebrating the Anniversary of her Birth today. Send her your good wishes, by phone, or email, or response to Internet postings!

We love you, dearest. Happy Birthday!

Edit: Fixed that usertag, silly LJ and email handle confusions.
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Who's got two thumbs and a job offer?

This guy.

Got a phone call today from the Human Resources contact at the University of Illinois. We're on a first name basis at this point. She was delighted to extend me an offer of employment as a Cook at this fine educational establishment. I was even more delighted to accept.

The real processing (strength test, drug screen, ritual photocopying of IDs) will start after the New Year, but they sent out the notifications now. Very nice holiday news.

Thanks to everyone who has been pushing the thoughts and prayers my way on this. It feels great to be back in the working world again.
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Bill Hicks

Bionic Grandpa is a Go!

Hi everyone,

Dad had his defibrillator implanted this evening, and the surgeon said everything went about as well as could be. They're going to keep him overnight while observing pulse/oxygen, blood pressure, and other vitals. Then in the morning he'll get a chest x-ray to make sure all the wires stayed in their proper places. After final consultations and doctor's okays, hopefully he'll be able to come home sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

My plan will be to rent a car sometime after that happens, and drive home to C-U. Thanks for the offer of another monster round trip Mark, but I can't make anyone wait on an uncertain schedule. I'll keep in touch.

Thanks to all for the prayers and wishes, Dad really is doing well.
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Update on Family Health Crisis

Hey everyone, it's dsjones ... Deacon is staying in Q-C at least until Tuesday, but he wanted me to let everyone know what's going on...

Dad has about 25% of his heart functional.  Apparently, he's had a silent heart attack (or many, the docs just don't know) in the past, because of the amount of scar tissue they found.  That's why they couldn't do anything about the 100% blockage.  When we arrived on Friday, he still looked gray, and they had him on a c-Pap to help his oxygen levels.  By Saturday, he regained some color, off the c-Pap (they have him on a cannula, and we still don't know if he'll have to be on oxygen once he's home)  and was maintaining well enough that they moved him from the ICU to Telemetry.  He's scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Monday) to get a pacemaker/defibrillator.  If all goes well, he'll be coming home on Tuesday.  He has been told that he will NOT be able to work again, this heart attack has left his heart too weak.  He's on liquid restrictions of 1500 ML/day (I believe) due to the strain it could put on his heart, has to quit smoking (duh) and has to cut out his salt and caffeine (these last two are the ones he's upset about).  But he was in good spirits by the time we left this afternoon.  Deacon will be staying with the family until Dad gets home. 

I know I speak for Deacon when I say we would like to thank everyone for their help, hope, prayers and thoughts for our family during this tough time.  We are forever thankful to you all!
Bill Hicks

Family Health Crisis

Hey everyone,

My father was admitted to the hospital this morning for superventricular tachycardia (Beats Per Minute of 180!) After they stabilized him, his EKG indicated that he had a heart attack, and he's going to CAT scan right now to determine the extent of damage and direction of treatment.

Any thoughts and prayers in this time would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Friday 14th, 2pm

They took him immediately into surgery, where they placed two stents to alleviate 50% blockage on that side. The vessel to the back of his heart is 100% blocked, and they were unable to clear it. He is on a C-PAP breathing assist in ICU, and they're waiting for a consultation from a cardiologist who knows more about the electrical systems of the heart. As the doctor who did his angioplasty said, "I'm just a plumber"

Dawn and Stephen and I will be traveling to the Q-C this afternoon as soon as we can get things together. Transportation is not a problem, as our dear friend Rob is going to loan us his car. I will be mostly out of touch, but my cell is (217)390-3845. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
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The Conspiracy For Dawn

Re-posting this for the holiday week. Thanks to all of you who have already given, we're already up to 1/3rd of the projected amount needed.

We would like to invite everyone local to Champaign-Urbana to come to our house on Sunday, December 28th at noon, where we're going to have bagels and doughnuts, and give Dawn what we've raised so far as a birthday present. We couldn't have done this without all of you, and you have our deepest gratitude.

We're at 1506 Winston Drive in Champaign. Easiest directions are to go north on Mattis, turn right on Williamsburg, and then left on Winston. We'll be the house with the garage underneath. If you want to attend, please RSVP on this note, or via email to kubiak@imsa.edu

I'm making this post today to help do my part to make a dream come true for my wife, the love of my life and mother of my son.

Dawn has suffered her entire life under a burden of pain and ill health stemming from weak teeth and the complications following from that. As long as I have known her, she has always had to hide her smile, choose carefully what she may or may not eat, and spend the occasional night in such pain that she cries herself to sleep. This ailment dramatically increases her stress and blood pressure, and at times affects her general health as her body tries to deal with infection and inflammation.

Our dearest kin, Thai, has spearheaded an effort to raise money so that we can afford the treatment needed to stabilize Dawn's health, but it is a long uphill climb. We have already received an amazing outpouring of love from word-of-mouth, and now we hope to reach a broader group of people who would like to help touch someone's life for the better.

Dawn would never let herself ask for aid, no matter how badly it might be needed. I also personally am a lot more likely to give than to ask, but I am asking on behalf of someone who truly deserves the help. We're attempting to keep this a secret until we can raise the needed funds, but balancing that with reaching as wide as we can.

If you feel able, please follow the donation link below and give what you may. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and please keep Dawn in your thoughts and prayers. If you are a member of a community that might be willing to help, please email me at kubiak@imsa.edu, and I can send you the information. This post is locked to a specific friends list to keep Dawn unaware.

Disgruntled Worker Bee

"Only those who have seen someone die can see them"

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